The Rose House is a 6500 sq ft residential facility that will house young moms in Atlanta, GA.

The Rose House is a 6500 sq ft residential and training facility that is comprised of multi-use modular pods. It is an economic and efficient living program that provides multilayered support for families in transition. While The Rose House is a transitional housing facility, it will also be a resource center, office and the headquarters for all of 3D Girls, Inc. staff and programming.

The Rose House offers care for eligible women and their children following the delivery of a baby, support groups, work-based training, reoccurring pregnancy prevention, individual counseling, and structured recreational programs focused on ensuring that our community of clients are mentally, socially, and emotionally well. This support will help women and girls build resilience and serve as a springboard for their dreams.

Here’s what we’ve done so far


Project Management Plan, Readiness Assessment, Gap Analysis, Structural Design & Capital Campaign Launch


Here’s where we are going 


Building, Property Development, Site Evaluation & Inspection, & Feasibility Plan Development


Here’s what we are looking forward to


Staff Development, Program Implementation, Moving into Transitional Housing Facility

2024 – Beyond

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