3D Girls, Inc. receives a “See Beautiful” Grant

3D Girls, Inc. Receives a “See Beautiful” Grant 

Atlanta, GA, February 26, 2021 – 3D Girls, Inc. has announced that they’ve received a Grant from See Beautiful in the amount of $4,000 to fund The Rose House Project. See Beautiful™ is a philanthropic company with a mission to provide inspiring, ethically-sourced products to create more beauty in the world. With the support of See Beautiful, 3D Girls, Inc. will be a few steps closer to achieving the success of expanding their outreach and supportive housing program, The Rose House. The Rose House provides access to job training, financial literacy and wrap around services. Funding will be used to support ongoing outreach efforts, project management and staffing. 

See Beautiful and members of the 3D Girls, Inc. community recognize that through education, empowerment and strategic giving, they can create more beauty in the world. With such a great need in our community it is imperative that organizations collaborate and continue to stand as advocates for those who need it the most. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 3D Girls, Inc. has worked to pivot their work and intensify our outreach efforts to yield more sustainable solutions.

“While the nation is focused on rebuilding and bringing normalcy back to the daily lives of Americans, community organizations like 3D Girls, Inc. is working on the ground to meet the basic needs of those devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic”, says 3D Girls, Inc. Founder, Raioni Madison-Jones. “The See Beautiful grant is helping us to empower people in the pandemic. Our Virtual Mom Circles and community outreach initiatives are working to ensure that young women and girls have access to social and emotional support.” This project is what See Beautiful believes to be a sustainable initiative that creates more beauty in the world. 

See Beautiful has given over $200,000 through its Grant program and strategic giving initiatives.

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