50+ Scholarships Girls Should Apply To

Girls Link Up 1st Place Winner, Dominque Lowe has been busy running her girl-owned business, Crochet Motif! Not only that she is kicking off her senior year in Newton County, GA with a community service project! With the support of the Newton County National Action Network, she devised a Scholarship List to help provide college seekers access to financial opportunities to fund college. This month she serves as a guest contributor to our blog with a list of over 50 scholarships that high school juniors and seniors should apply to.

What you will find on this list: 

  • African American/ Black Diaspora Specific Scholarships
  • Asian American/ Asian Diaspora Specific Scholarship
  • Special Interest (Dance,Culinary, Music, etc.)
  • Community Colleges/ Trade Schools
  • Corporate Scholarships 
  • Woman ide related scholarships 
  • Latin X specific scholarships 
  • LGBTQ+ related scholarships
  • Miscellaneous  
  • Military/Veteran related scholarships
  • Native American Specific Scholarships
  • STEM 
  • Minority Specific Scholarships
  • Disability/Illness Specific Scholarships

Best wishes and lets get started on this journey! 

-Dominique L., Newton County National Action Network  

UPDATE Fall 2021: Some scholarships may not be updated for the 2021-2022 school year. I suggest bookmarking the scholarship and check in often to see if it has been updated. If you know of any scholarships and would like to add them to the list please email lowedel2018@gmail.com

African American/ Black Diaspora Scholarships

Corporate/ National Scholarships

Corporate/National Scholarships

Corporate/National Scholarships

STEM Specific Scholarships

Military/ Veteran/Military Families

Military/Veteran/Military Family Scholarships

Community College and Trade Schools 

Women Identifying Specific Scholarships 

Asian Specific/ Diaspora Scholarships 

Native American Specific Scholarships 

First Generation/ Immigrant 

Hispanic/ Latino Specific Scholarships 

Minority Specific/Nationally Specific/ Religion

LGBTQ+ Related Scholarships 

Specialized Interest 



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