Empowering Girls in STEM: 3D Girls’ Impact

Girls stem program in Atlanta

3D Girls focuses on empowering girls, especially those of color, to create gender and racial equity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. We know the critical role education plays in shaping a brighter future for girls and strive to empower more girls to be involved in STEM. In 2019, only 1.8% of Black women in the U.S. were employed in science and engineering, and 3% women of color earned bachelor’s degrees across all STEM fields. This gap represents the disproportionate representation of women and BIPOC individuals compared to their white male counterparts in STEM fields. 

3D Girls Inc. aims to diversify schools and workplaces through educating and empowering girls. Encouraging girls to participate in STEM fields is not just about addressing a gap but offering a broader range of innovative solutions and pushing boundaries. We believe that when diverse groups contribute to STEM, new, creative, and comprehensive perspectives are offered. Empowering girls in the STEM program spreads confidence into many other facets of life as well, enabling them to challenge societal expectations and stereotypes. Confident women share a positive influence on their community. 

Multiple barriers contribute to the STEM gap, including persistent stereotypes, limited access to quality education, cultural influences, lack of mentorship, unwelcoming environments, and financial obstacles. 3D Girls Inc. breaks down these barriers to encourage girls to explore and actively pursue STEM interests.

Confidence is a key factor in overcoming these barriers. A girl’s belief in her ability to succeed in STEM  leads to increased participation and persistence in challenging activities and careers. Confidence enables girls to take risks, embrace challenges, and view failures as opportunities for growth. Additionally, confident girls are more likely to actively engage in STEM, participate in extracurricular activities, and consider a variety of majors in higher education.

Gender bias contributes to discriminatory practices in STEM careers from hiring to promotions and salary decisions. Women who overcome the STEM gap often face workplace biases, safety concerns, and salary disparities. 3D Girls actively works to break this cycle by showcasing successful women in STEM as role models, challenging gender stereotypes, and encouraging girls to pursue STEM from an early age.

3D Girls implements a comprehensive approach to address the STEM gap and empower girls:

  • Showcasing Role Models: Highlighting successful women in STEM to inspire and demonstrate that girls can excel in these careers.
  • Early Exposure to STEM: Introducing girls to STEM program concepts and activities from a young age through hands-on experiences.
  • Challenging Stereotypes: Encouraging girls to explore a wide range of interests and challenging gender stereotypes related to STEM.
  • Supporting Curiosity and Critical Thinking: Backing girls in asking questions, exploring solutions, and understanding scientific and mathematical concepts.
  • Creating Inclusive Environments: Focusing on inclusive and supportive learning environments where girls feel comfortable expressing ideas and actively participating in the STEM program.
  • Access to Extracurricular Activities: Providing access to STEM-related extracurricular activities, emphasizing real-world applications.
  • Raising Awareness about Biases: Creating awareness about unconscious biases to encourage fair evaluation and recognition based on merit.
  • Highlighting Diverse Career Paths: Making girls aware of the wide range of opportunities available within STEM.
  • Parental Involvement: Advocating for parental involvement by providing information and resources about the importance of STEM education.
  • Advocacy for Inclusivity: Promoting policies that support inclusivity and equal opportunities in STEM education and workplaces.
  • Celebrating Achievements: Recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of girls in STEM to boost their confidence and motivation.


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