3D Girls Inc. is a non-profit designed to educate, empower, and advocate for young women

Our Story

“3D Girls, Inc began. in the summer of 2012. After becoming a young mother, I had a vision of giving back and mentoring youth like so many people did for me. I had an amazing group of mentors, teachers, and leaders who helped me to a accomplish my goals. I started my first mentoring group of eight girls. We held our meetings after-school each week. I remember on weekends, my friends and I would pile the girls up in our cars and take the girls on adventures around the city. We took them ice skating for the first time, exposed them to fine dining experiences, and hosted a career photoshoot for them during their senior year. Upon graduating many of the girls have gone to college, joined the military and/or gotten jobs to support their families. It is fulfilling seeing them all grown up and on their journeys into adulthood.

There are three programs within 3D Girls, Inc. designed to educate, empower and advocate for young women from different demographics. The L.E.A.G.U.E. (Ladies Empowering Adolescent Girls Using Exposure) is our school-based program that provides girls K-12 with a group mentoring experiences. The T.E.A.M. Project is an outreach initiative that provides young and expecting mothers under the age of 21 with resources to help maintain sustainability. With over 3,500 diapers, wipes, blankets and other essential baby care, The T.E.A.M. Project has poured into the lives of over 150 mothers with our quarterly community baby showers and self-leadership workshops in the past two years. Lastly, The #DRIPSAtlanta Campaign has come into fruition as a means of gathering individuals to engage in group painting activities that bring awareness to social and emotional wellness. We are able to raise money for our outreach programming from the activities while simultaneously mobilizing mental health resources.  

As the organization has grown over the years, it has been a powerful transformation!  We are looking forward to securing 4-5 new board members within the next year to serve; helping to build our fundraising efforts, marketing and branding initiatives and securing space for a community outreach center. Our work with our mentoring, teen parenting and STEAM initiatives will continue to operate year-around to educate and empower the community.”

-Raioni Madison-Jones, Founder & Executive Director  

Our Founder

Raioni Madison-Jones

Raioni Madison-Jones is the founder and Executive Director of 3D Girls, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission of empowering young ladies through effective mentoring. As a youth development professional, she has been a pillar in the community for over five years, serving at-risk populations. There is no limit of positive characteristics to describe her, but if one were to make mention, they would have to acknowledge her creativeness, passion, drive, talent and compassion for youth.

Raioni holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science from Clayton State University in Integrative Studies and Liberal Arts. She also attended Kansas State University where she received a Master’s Degree of Science in Youth Development. Ms. Madison-Jones dedicates her life to the children of our future as a teacher. She is a Teach for America alum. It is through this affiliation that she has served as an Induction Team Leader for incoming Corp Members and a member of Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE). She currently brightens the lives of students in Atlanta Public Schools as a Science Teacher. As a volunteer, Raioni serves on the Program Committee for the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia, helping to connect mothers with resources. Along with being an active member of the women’s empowerment group, JEWELS of GA, Inc., she volunteers over 20 hours a month with local organizations to mobilize resource to families across the Metro-Atlanta area. There is no length Ms. Madison-Jones is not willing to go in order to provide a better quality of life for her community.

Through grant writing, community outreach, and fundraising Ms. Madison-Jones strives to challenge and expose our youth to a healthier, more productive, and fulfilling life. It is through this work that she is able to shape and mold her visions into reality. All while juggling a career, furthering her education, and supporting and raising her daughters, Raioni is the epitome of a “super mom.” Her most valuable asset is the legacy that she leaves for her own children, who inspire her vision everyday. Raioni’s resilience has carried her along her journey and is continuing to catapult her towards a vibrant future.

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