3D Girls Inc. is a non-profit designed to educate, empower, and advocate for young women

Our Story

3D Girls, Inc began. in the summer of 2012. After becoming a young mother, I had a vision of giving back and mentoring youth like so many people did for me. I had an amazing group of mentors, teachers, and leaders who helped me to a accomplish my goals. I started my first mentoring group of eight girls. We held our meetings after-school each week. I remember on weekends, my friends and I would pile the girls up in our cars and take the girls on adventures around the city. We took them ice skating for the first time, exposed them to fine dining experiences, and hosted a career photoshoot for them during their senior year. Upon graduating many of the girls have gone to college, joined the military and/or gotten jobs to support their families. It is fulfilling seeing them all grown up and on their journeys into adulthood.

Over the past eight years, our work has evolved as work to fulfill our mission and vision to educate and empower young women and girls through S.T.E.A.M. focused mentoring, prenatal and parent education, and social and emotional wellness.

Since March 2020, 3D Girls, Inc. has worked during the pandemic to provide over 300 mothers and fathers in need with care packages on a weekly basis. We have loaded up and delivered tens of thousands of diapers, wipes, and feminine care products in an effort to provide families access to these basic necessities. With a caseload of 325 families in the metro-Atlanta area, about 75% of them live within the City of Atlanta and have expressed need for further assistance with housing, rental and/or utility assistance.

We are working to solve the issues of housing and financial insecurities that leave so many women behind. As the need grows, our team is growing to improve our systems and resources to effectively support families who are struggling to make ends meet during these difficult times. 

-Raioni Madison, Founder & Executive Director  

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