Meet The T.E.A.M

Encouraging young mothers to build a strong foundation for their lives based on integrity, commitment, and empowerment.

Our mission is to provide education and empowerment to students transitioning into parenthood, in an effort to build self-leadership and self-sufficiency.

Founded in 2012, 3D Girls, Inc.’s mission is to educate and empower young women to be advocates for themselves and their families. Over the past three years, we’ve extended our mission to be able to impact and support mothers through our prenatal and parent education program, The T.E.A.M. Project. Each quarter the group hosts community baby showers, providing new and expectant mothers with diapers, wipes, and other essential baby care items. To date, they’ve given away over 15,000 diapers, wipes, 50 car seats, and so many other items that prepare mothers for a strong foundation. Most importantly, the group has educated and empowered over 250 mothers to be advocates by providing access to health resources, Infant CPR training, lactation support, and helping them understand the importance of literacy nutrition. Promoting economic empowerment and self-sufficiency through our one-on-one coaching is how mothers are taught workforce development skills and financial literacy. Within the past year, they have served over 50 school-aged parents with their efforts. In surveying one metro-Atlanta high school in the region that served, it was found that there were 26 teen parents enrolled at the school during the 2018 – 2019 school year; eight more were pregnant.
The strategic plan of this initiative includes working with local school officials such as Social Workers, Advisors, Parent Liaisons, and Guidance Counselors to connect teen parents to workforce development while enrolled at the school. During our pilot, we anticipate doubling our reach by partnering with like-minded change-makers committed to encouraging school-aged parents to be self-sufficient citizens of the community.

Target Audience

Parents ages 21 and under-enrolled in an alternative learning program, who are living in low-income, rural, and/or suburban areas.


The objective of this collaborative partnership is to maximize the potential of scholars enrolled in the alternative academic programs who are also balancing parenthood.


Our vision is to create a platform for school-aged parents to become role models for their children while empowering them to develop their potential as capable, self-sufficient citizens of our society.

Program Summary

Our program is designed to empower teen parents before, during, and after their transition into parenthood. We offer a wide variety of research-based educational resources that enhances our participants’ knowledge of financial literacy, technical and career training. Educating and mentoring teen parents is an essential aspect of the program, as it encourages them to feel empowered and committed to the success of their child’s healthy development. Participants receive baby health care products (diapers, wipes, socks, blankets, etc.), transportation, health and wellness resources, and tangible household items as incentives for participation.
The objective of this collaborative partnership is to maximize the potential of scholars enrolled in the alternative academic programs who are also balancing parenthood.

Community Baby Shower

Program Goals

● Provides job readiness and skill development

● Provides financial literacy

● Promotes age-appropriate abstinence education

● Promotes health & wellness through educational workshops and presentations.

● Partners with community agencies, schools, faith-based organizations, and youth groups to mobilize resources.

Program Eligibility

● Parents MUST be between the ages of 16 –21 years old living in low-income, rural, and/or suburban areas.

● Parents MUST be enrolled in the scheduled9-week session.

●Parents MUST be able to provide T.E.A.M.with proof of pregnancy, expected delivery date, and place (hospital) of expected delivery.


The T.E.A.M. Project’s mentoring program links teen participants with professional women who were teen mothers. Through this partnership, our participants are uplifted, empowered, and motivated to beat the odds and develop healthy relationships with their children.

Targeted Dates

Planning Meetings

October 2020 – December 2020

Program Kickoff 

January 2021 – TBD

9-week Curriculum Begins



9 Week Curriculum

( 2 hour weekly sessions )

Week 1 – Introduction (Guest speakers who were once teen moms are invited to speak with the girls. Parents are assigned with an accountability partner for the remainder of the session).

Week 2 – Parenting Boot Camp – A class based on creating and sustaining a home, work, and life balances.

Week 3 – Social & Emotional Health: Stress management for teen parents.

Week 4 – Financial Literacy (Part 1) – Creating a Household Budget.

Week 5 – Financial Literacy (Part 2) – $mart Money-Maximizing your resources to create sustainability.

Week 6 – Financial Literacy (Part 3) – Account Management and saving for your future.

Week 7 – Basic Computer Training – How can I work from home?

Week 8 – Community Service Project with Mentors

Week 9 – Graduation Ceremony/Job Fair


Parents who actively participate and/or complete the program will be eligible to receive:

● Access to baby care items (diapers, wipes, etc.) throughout the first year of their child’s life.

●Access to job training and educational resources that can enhance the quality of life for parents and babies.

●Access healthcare resources for you and your baby.

●Assistance for SNAP/Medicaid Applications

●Assistance with processing Child Care Assistance Application

●Access Free Meals

●Access to Uniform Assistance

●Access to Clothing Closet