Welcome To The L.E.A.G.U.E

Ladies Empowering Girls Using Exposure

The vision for the L.E.A.G.U.E mentoring program is to provide a global network of professional women to impact adolescent girls by exposing them to professional and social experiences.

Our goal is to offer free services for our participants in the following areas

  • Academic Support & Tutoring
  • College Preparation
  • Mentoring & Counseling
  • Fun Field Trips
  • Professional & Developmental Workshops
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Career Networking
  • Communicating Clearly & Effectively
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Working with Groups/Teams
  • Presentation Skills
  • Workplace Norms
  • Financial Literacy
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Marking Better Choices
Research suggests that gender-based extra-curricular programming is more effective when there are a range of options made available for girls ages 11-17 (Girl Scout Research Institute, 2002). Using the Girls Scout Research Institute’s model for identifying adolescents by age, 3D Girls, Inc.’s mentoring program appeals to our girls on three distinct levels: Little League (ages 12 and under), Minor League (13-15) and Major League (16 and older). In an effort to recognize the developmental needs of each age group the following are incorporated in our age-appropriate curriculum and/or activities:

Little League

Ages 12 and under

Weekly Meeting Topics Include :
What is leadership?
Organizational Skills
Study Skills
( 5th-grade girls; ages 12 and under )

MInor League

Ages 13 -15

Weekly meeting topics include, but are not limited to :
Communication Etiquette
Conflict Resolution
Anger Management
Time Management
( 6th - 8th grade girls; ages 13 -15)

Major League

Ages 16+

Scholars meet twice per week after-school; meeting topics includes, but are not limited to:
Volunteering & Community Service: What’s the difference?
A course that explains the difference between volunteering and engaging in a service leaning project.
A service-learning component where students leave the school’s campus to engage in meaningful experiences within their communities.
( 9th - 12th-grade girls; ages 16+ )